Math Notes

03/03/08 Lecture (omg wut)

Midterm: Ch. 5-8
Practice test on Blackboard
Calculators allowed (allowed!)
1 sheet with formulas allowed (formulas!)

Continuous Probability Model
Number of yiffs that jacked off to my last column: 7. Rough estimate.

Attempting to count hairs on my neck beard.

Ch. 8, #26) This one, I guess, is supposed to be pretty hard. Dude is sort of writing on the board and talking in Turkish ‘n stuff. Honestly, what is he even trying to convey I don’t even know holy Jesus

Chick Fil-A: Is it the answer? Chickens taste good on buns.

Do I set the sheets ablaze
Make them a pyre
Wash them
Maybe sleep on them some more

Does this page indicate insanity?

That dude is playin’ PUZZ PACK MOTHA’ FUCKA’

In a continuous probability model, there are an infinite number of outcomes. Hence, almost every outcome has probability zero, since the sum of the probabilities of all outcomes has to be 1.

Underground: A book about Japanese people with gas 

It’s possible these notes would concern me, except I keep getting these great scores on my homework, with little shiny red star stickers at the top. Go me. Go NYU for making me waste four credits on this horse shit.


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