The Legion of Doom is awesome.

The Legion of Doom is awesome. They make listening to shitty music fun and interesting! But why take it from me when Wikipedia can fill you in?

Legion of Doom is an electronica group, famous for their download only mash up album Incorporated and for original scores for horror soundtracks. The Legion of Doom consists of Chad Blinman and Trever Keith (of the former California punk band Face to Face). The two formed the Legion of Doom in 2004 to focus on a series of unique creative projects. The first of these projects was a mash-up album (Incorporated) featuring mixes of various punk and hardcore bands. The Legion of Doom has also contributed remixes and original music to film soundtracks such as Underworld: Evolution and Saw II. Other projects in the works include the original score and music supervision for independent film Eyes Front (Antagonist Media), an album of original material, and drum and sample sets. During Legion Of Doom songs, a male and a female voice can be heard speaking at certain points. These are the voices of Ken and Winnie from the 1950 movie This Charming Couple.”

I guess the natural inclination is to run far, far away at the slightest mention, the slightest hint at “Underworld: Evolution” and the “Saw” series, just as the mash-up of The Killers and Ghostface Killah (as featured on their MySpace) seems about as likely to work as that of coleslaw and baby turds. Yet, Legion of Doom succeeds, perhaps even excels at what they do. “Hands Down Gandhi,” the third track on Incorporated, an unlikely mating of Dashboard Confessional and hip-hop artist Sage Francis, is unbelievably good and refreshing. Like most of their work, it gives the tired, sometimes downright awful, fare of the likes of My Chemical Romance and Brand New a swift, invigorating kick to the nads. What results is not so far removed from its origin but is inevitably much tighter and more exciting, kind of like a hearty Guiness compared to a crappy old can of Busch Light. Needless to say, these aren’t complete re-workings, so those who refuse to take even a guilty pleasure in the faux-punk “alternative” dribble that’s all the rage with emo eighth graders these days should probably steer clear. For the rest of us, though, Legion of Doom deserves a listen.


2 Responses to “The Legion of Doom is awesome.”

  1. i hate you. never associate brand new like that ever again.

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