Harlem and a t-shirt

If ever you find yourself in Manhattan, I would implore you to take the following trip:

Take the 1 train to 116th street (the Columbia University stop), where you will be surrounded by some absolutely gorgeous architecture and wide, open streets. Walk to Riverside Park and then the memorial to Ulysses S. Grant, which is a really beautiful structure but is also right across the street from what I would consider a stunning cathedral (stunning) that kind of looks like it could be a nesting ground for the Man-Bat. The area is quiet, upscale, and surrounded by Columbia housing, which should give you a general idea of what to expect (ugly nerdy couples walking their miniature poodles). When you’re done being whitewashed, head up to 125th street in Harlem, preferably early in the evening. Tons of people will be out in this popular shopping district, and it feels like a completely different city, maybe even a different country. In-between the big names like H&M and Payless (is Payless a big name?), you’ll find all-in-one stores with clothing, platinum jewelry, cell phones, and video games (the essentials), in addition to intriguing street vendors. And, of course, the famous Apollo theater happens to be on this street, as well. The area is predominately black, with housing projects nearby, which obviously sets it apart from the stuffy (but stunning, so stunning) Columbia region that’s mere minutes away, and gives it a unique flavor (it even has a different smell). Like a delicious Oreo, though, it just works so well!

When you’re done in Harlem, you can shuttle down to the Village in about 20 minutes. I noted that you get just about the same view of the Empire State building at the subway stop on 125th and when you get off in the Village, it just so happens that you’re at two separate ends of the island, which is neat. Manhattan seems so small, but man, there’s an awful lot to it.

And also, I want everyone to look at this awesome t-shirt I just ordered:

Brilliant, right?


3 Responses to “Harlem and a t-shirt”

  1. damon. i am so happy that you have captured my thoughts on the city. I have travelled to both of these places since we’ve been here, and it is indeed quite an experience, especially the way the subway works once you get up near washington heights. I want to go down to battery park soon. that’s really the only part of the city that i haven’t been to yet, that I have on my list. That was so hard for me to word hahah. Alright good sir, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. I also really want to go down to Battery Park, so we should do that together.

  3. The view of the Empire State building is a definite mindfuck.
    And yes, Battery Park needs to be next on our adventure list.

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