Spring? My ass.

When I made my college decision, weather didn’t really factor into things. There are those people, I suppose, that say “to hell with this shit” when Chicago decides to send an arctic blast up their skirts in mid-July, but being a poetic sort of person, I always took some measure of strained, frustrated pleasure in an occasional snowfall or some out-of-season frigidity. But you know, New York really is more sensible about things, and I must say, I kind of like that. This is supposedly the second day of spring, and, well, Chicago looks like this:

Which is actually kind of unpleasant! Who knew? By the time I got back from my, oh, two-mile or so walk to get the first volume of Swamp Thing, because these are the sorts of things that I decide are worth such trips, I was drenched from head to toe, which prompted a kindly old man to ask me, “jeez, is it snowing?” when I entered the elevator. You think?

But really, based on this write-up from The Onion’s A.V. Club, I think we can all agree that Swamp Thing is worth any price:

“Alec Holland, a scientist working on a secret project in the Louisiana swamps, has been turned into a horrific vegetable monster thanks to an explosion intended to kill him. With his second issue, Moore used a story called “The Anatomy Lesson” to unravel that origin, revealing that Holland had died in the explosion, leaving behind a vegetable creature who only thought he was Holland. Instead of a man who had turned into a plant, he was a plant laboring under the illusion that he’d once been a man.”

Oh the twists, Alan Moore, the twists!


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