Busy lil Beavz

For the two of you waiting on the edge of your seats for the Funny Games review (“WHAT DOES DAMON THINK OF THIS BARELY-KNOWN HORROR MOVIE THAT CAME OUT TWO WEEKS AGO?” you bellow and screech), I would venture to guess that you can expect further disappointment. For the rest of you who have altogether forgotten that such rich content was even on the table, well, just know that my schedule has totally been packed, what with the vast amount of time I’ve spent just hanging around and stressing about the possibility of doing work.

Do you guys get that? The whole, “this is bumming me out, I have shit to do” thing where you expend all of your energy worrying about some task that you must complete as opposed to focusing that energy to, you know, actually complete it and stuff?

I am concerned that I’ve blown my chances at an internship this summer. Readers may wonder, “well, if you’re so concerned now, why didn’t you just get on top of it earlier?” And I guess I don’t really know why! Imagine.

Police ridealong in the Village today. Thoughts to follow, I’m sure.

Edit: Speaking of being a “busy lil beavz,” I think I just Amp-diarrhea’d my way to below 160 pounds. Is it not strange that I’ve lost almost 40 pounds in less than a year? Where does it go? 


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