We3: The comic to end (begin?) all comics

It is fully possible that We3, the story of three missing house pets turned into cybernetic government killing machines, is simply the perfect example of modern comics. Honestly, if someone came up to me and was all, “give me the comic that will make me understand comics,” I would hand them this lovely tale (written by Grant Morrison and drawn by the fantastic Frank Quitely); you can read it in less than an hour, the art is beautiful, there is off-the-walls violence shown in vibrant, impossible detail, and it is rich with meaning, whether it comes from Quitely’s brilliantly layered art or Morrison’s batshit crazy ideas. Also, it is pretty much just a sweet story that’s kind of like a more cerebral Homeward Bound that happens to feature a rabbit that shits bombs.

I mean, I’d be the first in line to say “no, no, see, this means something I promise,” but with a premise like that, it wouldn’t really even have to, my goodness.


One Response to “We3: The comic to end (begin?) all comics”

  1. Pierre Says:

    I don’t like that little bunny one. It’s looking at me funny.

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