Elegy For My Libido

I have noticed that it is tremendously entertaining to go to Red Tube (a website that provides free streaming videos of ravenous porking), turn the volume off on the video, and blast music from iTunes, such to create a new soundtrack to the, er, “love making.” (Perhaps unfit nomenclature for features such as “Bibbi Sucks Zenza,” “Gaping Holes of Young Woman,” and “Employees Having Sex in Shoefactory,” but these are strange times we live in.)

Favorites thus far are Death Cab for Cutie, Hammerfall, and the original score from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. This is perhaps the best way for people such as myself (that is, part-time interns for a  daytime reality show that are dead on the inside) to entertain themselves when their cats are no longer enthused by the laser pointer.



2 Responses to “Elegy For My Libido”

  1. roflz. Try “Shyla Stylez Bitch fucked up 1” set to “Duel of Fates”.

  2. Upon trying this a few times, “Go the Distance” by Michael Bolton to a video aptly titled “Right in the Ass” syncs up rather hysterically. Including a big horn crescendo right at the money shot.

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