Weekly Reviews No More!

So after an entire round of Weekly Comic Reviews, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion (due to popular bitchin’) that the whole thing is sort of a failed experiment. Mostly, the people that are most personally vocal to me about what’s on my blog don’t really give a hoot about them comic books, and I’m not nearly as passionate with every comic release as I was about, say, Final Crisis #3.

(And like, who really wants to hear me yammer on about Red Robin?)

I would say expect a post every now and then about comics. Generally, though (and this should placate my loyal fanbase), you’ll probably be seeing more along the lines of my cilantro-barf entry.



6 Responses to “Weekly Reviews No More!”

  1. joe schmoe Says:

    quit pandering, shamelessly might i add, to your constituency. your comic book reviews made me da-moan…

    jaykay lol. i didn’t like the comic book reviews either. but if it’s something you’re really into, then i suppose you should continue writing them, at least for yourself.

    ’tis all.

  2. I don’t know who you are (tell me! tell me!) but you’re right, I shouldn’t pander! Especially since it’s seemingly to a particular vocal minority.

    As I said, though, I’ll write about them when I feel like there is something worth writing about. Weekly reviews probably wouldn’t produce top quality stuff from me (you might’ve noticed last week that the Punisher was all I was *really* interested in), so this is probably what’s best.

    Thanks, love you

  3. joe schmoe Says:

    i’m just a very bored hominid who happens to be an occasional patron of your blog. tee hee. but in all seriousness, this new policy sounds very promising.

  4. Well alright then!

  5. don’t listen to him, damons. listen to me. listen to me, vocal minority girl.

  6. i mean, i only just found your blog, and then added it to my roll BECAUSE of the comic reviews.

    so, WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!

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