I am in the New York Times today

And you can see it here.

In response to Mr. Beres’s comments, John Beckman, a university spokesman, said: “The amenities that the building has are not choices that the university made. They were choices that the developer made as he was constructing the building for a different purpose. In the 12 years I have been here, this is the first time I can recall students accusing the university of doing something that’s too nice for them.”



5 Responses to “I am in the New York Times today”

  1. lol damon…aahahah
    i miss you 😛

  2. Damon, you’ve done it this time!

  3. Hi Damon!

  4. The fuck you complaining about. It’s already built and done with. Stop being a whineass bitch.

  5. “A whineass bitch.”

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