Aw jeez, my hits are just plummeting, y’all, probably because I have not been very good at updating this thing. Poor Glunders.

Maybe that is due to me being in something of a slump myself lately. Wastin’ a lot of time doing things I don’t really want to be doing, spending altogether too much time wallowing in my head (which is much too swampy a place to wallow in, really). But! I am turning that around. Really!

I spent some time in a bar last night, playing Scrabble with a few drunk people. Important life lesson: do not play the word “Raj,” because your glam metal friends will become belligerent and cause a scene. (Raj, as it happens, is a proper noun and would thus not be allowed under draconian Scrabble law.) Other important lesson: jazz music is so stupid.

You may soon be seeing the first glorious vestiges of a comic I have written. My talented illustrator is apparently underway on it, and given that it is like five pages long, hopefully we’ll be throwin’ it on the internet soon. It is tentatively titled The Final Warcry of Briel Sunstorm. It features the awesomest, slimiest birthing sequence you will ever lay eyes upon!

(Yep, gross.)

I am also writing another comic (for the same artist) that I would be tempted to call Misery Infinity if that didn’t sound so tacky, but it’s a pretty apt title as it is basically about a lot of really rotten things happening in a really rotten world that may or may not resemble ours. It features an angry man named Stan Kincaid and his daughter Rapunzel who just wants it to stop raining every darn day, goodness. It will probably not be very good, but we’ll see.

(We will probably not see for several months, though, so try not to get too antsy, folks.)

Tomorrow an exquisite beauty is going to cut my hair and I am probably going to look a little silly.

This entry is going to do absolutely nothing to generate pageviews. Oh well!


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