Necessary Albums

So, my iPod was recently the victim of a brutal homicide, a sloppy but highly effective drowning, and I now must resort to using my PSP to listen to music. (Very sad, am hoping that Santa brings me an iPod Touch for Christmas.) Anyway, because my memory card is pretty small on my PSP, I had to make the difficult decision of just what albums would make the cut. While my initial inclination was to put the Radiohead discography on the lil sucka, I decided that some variety might be in order, and settled on the following:

– “Mirrored” by Battles

– “Pink” by BORIS

– “Oracular Spectacular” by MGMT

– “Electric Version” by The New Pornographers

– “Twin Cinemas” by The New Pornographers

– “OK Computer” by Radiohead

– “Fever to Tell” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

– “Show Your Bones” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Edit: this was originally listed here as “Gold Lion,” how embarrassing jeez)

– “Is Is” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I also had “Bee Hives” and “You Forget it in People” by Broken Social Scene until they were nixed to make room for the Lego Batman demo. Also, no Sonic Youth as I actually don’t seem to have their best stuff on my computer anymore. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

So, if you could only have ten or so albums, what would they be?

(As an aside, the PSP is actually a pretty fantastic little piece of hardware, marred by a couple of glaring flaws; the thing is GIGANTIC, especially with the protective case which is incredibly necessary given that the damn thing is prone to breaking after a 3 foot drop onto carpeting – yes, it’s happened – and the fact that it lacks a decent, free program to manage its media, making file transferring cumbersome and tedious.)


13 Responses to “Necessary Albums”

  1. well damon, let me see… in no particular order:

    Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
    Iggy Pop – The Idiot
    Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight
    Neil Young – Harvest
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
    Daft Punk – Alive 2007
    Santana – Shaman
    Bob Marley & the Wailers – Legend
    Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense
    Nirvana – Unplugged
    Dave Matthews Band – Crash

    …and that is 11…

  2. Now! That’s What I Call Music!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 2!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 3!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 4!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 5!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 6!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 7!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 8!
    Now! That’s What I Call Music 9!
    Barney’s Favorites, Vol. 1

  3. radiohead – ok computer
    the postal service – give up
    muse – absolution
    kanye west – graduation
    daft punk – alive 2007
    brazilian girls – brazilian girls
    bjork – post
    amy winehouse – back to black
    the beatles – white album
    moby – last night

  4. Charles, what about Kidz Bop?

  5. What about Kidz Bop? Don’t be facetious.

  6. John Legend- Get Lifted
    Kanye West- College Dropout
    Kanye West- Graduation
    OneRepublic- Dreaming Out Loud
    Maroon 5- Songs About Jane
    M.I.A.- Kala
    Lupe Fiasco- Food and Liquor
    Lupe Fiasco- The Cool
    John Mayer- Room for Squares, Continuum, and a couple songs from Heavier Things
    Jay-Z- The Black Album

  7. But Pierre, we both know that if we could only have one album:

    “The Writing’s On the Wall”

  8. So true. The lyrical genius that is “Bills, Bills, Bills” can never be topped.

  9. Also, since everyone is doing their top 10, here’s what I would set myself up with if I wasn’t limited by what was on my computer:

    Radiohead – OK Computer
    Radiohead – Amnesiac
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell
    Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
    Sonic Youth – Washing Machine
    Mastodon – Blood Mountain
    R.E.M. – Automatic for the People
    BORIS – Pink
    Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam
    … and I’m having trouble deciding what would be the 10th. (I’m trying to remember what it is I told my homie Claire the other day, I hope she is not assessing my consistency on this matter.) Maybe “Pinkerton” by Weezer or one of the two New Pornographers albums I have here. IDK LOL.

  10. imogen heap – speak for yourself
    corinne bailey rae – [self titled]
    relient k – mmhmm
    jason mraz – doesn’t matter which album
    hot hot heat – elevator
    kings of convenience – riot on an empty street
    little brother – the listening
    red hot chili peppers – i’d pick some songs from each album
    sum 41 – does this look infected
    zero 7 – simple things

    maybe something from death cab or metaphorical music by nujabes

    it’s hard not to pick individual songs

  11. Realizing now that I would put Neon Bible by Arcade Fire on my list, probably over Strawberry Jam or Pinkerton. Maybe. I will never be satisfied with lists like these, of course.

  12. Rosencrantz Says:

    Boris sucks! Muah!

  13. Justin’s favorite music: Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, Battlelore, Rammstein, Persuader, Hammerfall, Pyramaze, Kasabian, Firewind, DJ Shadow, Combichrist, Bathory, Agalloch

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