Toes Fall Off

You know, I try really hard sometimes to decide just how much of my guts I want to spill all over this page – God bless it – and usually it is a little guts so maybe for now I’m going to say that the past couple of days I have been freezin’ in this bleak Chicago winter wasteland, my toes nearly crumbling to dust on the red line today (Converse low-tops ain’t so hot in the snow, dudes), almost falling into the frigid sludge abyss this past Saturday walking to get a damn sammich with Ben and Sasha, right, and I feel like it’s all okay because in a bit less than a month I’m not going to be walking like this anymore and I’ll think back on the weeks that’ve passed and say “whew” because, you know, they were terrible, dark, awful, cold, brilliant and’ll probably leave a mark like frost bite.


One Response to “Toes Fall Off”

  1. work it, whiteboy

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