Continued Evidence that “Watchmen” Will Suck…

… and you ignorant plebs are going to shit your fucking pants over it. 

1) The soundtrack (which has already been ruthlessly promoted to disgusting effect) features a horrid cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” by none other than post-post-punk, Hot-Topic “rockers” My Chemical Romance, mayhap the biggest waste of life on Earth if not for The Umbrella Academy. You can check the single out here. Might want to pack your ears with gauze first, though.

2) To demonstrate perhaps the most deliciously ironic instance of missing the point ever, I present to you the Ozymandias action figure.

Don’t get it? Read the comic book, douchebags.


3 Responses to “Continued Evidence that “Watchmen” Will Suck…”

  1. FUCK WATCHMEN. I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE LEAVING OUT….the entire fucking philosophy behind the book?

  2. It’s telling that Zack Snyder’s previous directing credits include “300” and “Dawn of the Dead,” both of which I would actually deem pretty good movies, except that they’re also both brain dead. Which is okay! Except “Watchmen” is a legitimate piece of literature that deserves someone different. (Ignoring the fact that, in my opinion, it shouldn’t have a film version at all. It’s about as comic booky as comic books get, a truly perfect example of all that the medium stands for.) Alas.

  3. Wow. I’ve never been made so sad by the existence of an action figure before.

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