Sankin’ Ship

Pageviews to this blog are plummeting (down from about 30 or so views a day to 9), and it’s probably because I don’t, you know, update it very frequently and stuff. Lily Q once told me my blog “sucks” because it “never updates” and I guess I tend to meander, and she is probably right, but still, guys, I want you to love me as I love you. 

In truth, I’ve been really busy this semester. And that’s because my course schedule is pretty hefty, I recently received a promotion to Opinion Editor at the Washington Square News, so that’s been pretty absorbing (but appreciated, it would seem), and most importantly (certainly), I am desperately in love with something besides Grant Morrison’s magical jizz stick, a beautiful, intelligent, smart, fantastic maiden that fills my life with unbridled glee and makes it so I don’t want to drink several forties of Colt 45 whenever I wake up (I do really love Colt 45, though). (I don’t even care that I’m fruitin’ it up, that’s how great this business is, dudes.) 

(It is pretty fruity, though, granted.)

In sum, life is good and I’m sorry you haven’t been hearing more about it. BUT. I think I’ll be posting a write-up on Final Crisis at some point in the near future  since that just wrapped up (to disappointing effect, I’d say), and I’ll continue to post my columns as they’re published. (Two of them have appeared this semester: the most recent, a very meta column in which I whine about NYU kids and their fucking whining Christ, and one about the overall silliness of OBAMAOBAMAOBAMA.) So you know. That’s something.

Also in about two minutes I am going to post a little diddy about the Watchmen movie so how about them apples.

How about them.


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  1. *gurgle* 🙂

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