NYU Goes Bananas

This is a travesty.

Seriously, I am beyond embarrassed to be a student at this school right now. For what it’s worth, I hope all of these Take Back NYU morons are carted off by the NYPD come 1 a.m., when they will be “officially tresspassing” in the Kimmel Center. 

This moves a step or two past “dumb.” 

Look for my column at http://nyunews.com tomorrow, as well as here, when I get around to posting it.


2 Responses to “NYU Goes Bananas”

  1. I’m going to spell out the library issue from a typical NYU student’s point of view. It is hard enough finding space in our 12-floor, suicide-inducing library. It’s always a struggle to find rooms and tables, and if you’re trying to get books from course reserves, you can expect a long waiting list and extremely limited time with your textbook. We don’t want more people in our library—if anything, we want them to get out. It’s one of the few places left where we can study (we don’t have a campus, remember?) and just because YOU (0.14%!) think that people should have public access, doesn’t mean WE (99.86%) will. You can’t argue for stabilized tuition and then open up our library to the public, because our tuition is what keeps the library running at its current rate, so bringing MORE people into our buildings will only increase the cost of maintaining our library. People in New York City pay taxes; let them use what their taxes pay for (yes, the New York Public Library, emphasis on the PUBLIC!) We pay tuition, so let us peacefully use what we are paying for. I think it’s a fair statement.

  2. Alpine McGregor Says:

    Agree completely, and I’m glad that NYU students made this clear (through statements to the press, blogs and the Washington Square News) that this idiotic behavior isn’t exemplary of the student body.


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