“Boredoms” is Great, Y’all

I’ve been listening to a lot of Super Ae recently, which is an album by Boredoms, and it’s probably about as good as Japanese avant-garde noise punk hullabaloo can be. (Which is very, actually!)

But more importantly than their music is the subject of their debut album:

Which bears the following tracklisting:

1. Anal Eat
2. God From Anal
3. Born To Anal

And is thus, at the very least, a beacon of interminable promise.

I guess I’m not really sure if Boredoms is the sort of “music” people are supposed to like, or if noise rock in general is ever intended to be enjoyable, but I think it’s pretty excellent and you should at least check out the aforementioned Super Ae because pretenious indie music publication Pitchfork called it the 44th best album of the 1990s and boy if that doesn’t sell you I can hardly fathom what will!

Seriously though: Born To Anal.


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