Damn you, Brakhage!

I might as well be a YouTube blogger that deals exclusively in Brakhage-inspired “experimental” film reels of my plucked bum hairs: ain’t no one readin this no more.

Ain’t no one really writing on this no more, either!

Part of me wants to say, “Oh yeah well I am writing for the New York Daily News now there just isn’t time for A Plog of Blunders,” but oh how there IS.

Part of me, having just mentioned Stan Brakhage, wants to go on a digression about why I dropped my Cinema Studies major, to explain how repulsed I was when we were expected to cream ourselves over fucking Mothlight and the Odessa steps sequence in Battleship Potempkin, but I realize how uninteresting and self-indulgent (oh, to be a blogger!) that is, so.

One of my best friends was recently like, “your blog used to be funny, now you just talk about comic books, bring back cheese fridge,” and maybe he’s right, maybe he’s just nostalgic for the putrid appliances we had when we lived together, but one thing is probably pretty much true: I don’t really know who’s reading this anymore, and I only got like three hits a few days ago (and ELEVEN today oh man), and I don’t know, mostly it probably exists to give potential employers pause, and so I am formally announcing the closure of A Plog of Blunders.

Jokes! Haw.

Buuut I think we should probably talk, guys/my-girlfriend-the-only-person-that-reads-this, you know, get some things in the open.

First, I am a dweeb and my most popular posts remain comic book posts and so I shall use this as my depository for such things. We all want more cheese fridge but that magic doesn’t just fall out of my ass, okay?

Second, I am busy (aww yeah), and until Duus Over Rice gives my blog some real competition, I will continue to update this at my leisure.

I mean, gosh, I’m not Lily Q and this ain’t The Local.

(Jeez, is it horrible how bloggers are so obviously twisted by the internet into self-jabbering narcissists? [Not Lily, me. Probably Lily too.])

Alright, we’re done here, but I’ll leave you with one final message from Peter, the friendly film student:

peter“I really have to limit my Mothlight viewing/analysis. I barely have time to watch any other films because of it.”

The End.


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