Jesus, DC

Are you kidding me with this shit?


Coming in 2010: My Little Doom Patrol. Includes glitter and nail polish.

So not only are we going to see DCU books brandishing a (shudder) “Brightest Day” banner for several months, but we’ll be treated to a year-long mini-series that’s actually, you know, called Brightest Day. Says The Source.

Yuck. Dare I say it? I dare.

Brightest Gay.

… Though, not to sound like too much of a sensationalist jump-the-gun prickbag, I do like that DC appears to be making strides towards some sort of universe cohesion (in that it’s basically ripping off Marvel’s recent trend of “banner events,” like “Dark Reign,” which took place across many books but didn’t have its own mini-series), and I do like that they’re apparently trying to re-brand their books such that they’re not glutted with doom and gloom. (Or so it would seem, but they also announced that “Brightest Day: Titans” will see the eponymous teenage team headed up by ultra-violent villain Deathstroke. A questionable decision.) Warmer, more creative comics are good, certainly, although to be fair we don’t really know what direction “Brightest Day” will be taking at this point.

But holy Jesus that name, those colors!


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